We need a lot of features that aren't implemented yet

• Sep 19, 2019 - 13:58

MuseScore is by far my favorite program, but it lacks some very special features. The features that would truly make this a better program are:
- Accelerandos and Ritards: Currently you must notate these with invisible tempo markings.
- Better trombone soundfont: The soundfont for the trombone is a little rough. It sticks out too far in most compositions, resulting in my changing of the audio source to euphonim just for timbre's sake.
- 1st, 2nd, etc., time markings: We need markings to show that an instrument is only played during a certain time in a repeat.
-3rd party vst support: Currently whatever you make in MuseScore stays in MuseScore.
Please, we need these features.


If you are just finding the trombone too loud, see View / Mixer. If you prefer a different sound in some other way, feel free to download and install a different soundfont, see the Handbook under "Soundfonts".

For VST, you can use the MIDI output (either direct or by JACK, see Edit / Preferences / I/O) to interface in real time with programs that specialize in such audio details.

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