Insert instead of Overwrite a note?

• Sep 25, 2019 - 18:01

I've seen this question asked in much older posts but am not sure if it has been addressed in recent builds.

Is it possible to simply insert a note and move the rest of the score to the right?

For example, I entered the melody of Mary Had A Little Lamb as all quarter notes, and now I'd like to go back and fix the timing of the notes to match the actual timing of the piece -- I don't see a way to do this.




Cut and paste is the way to move notes - only you know how many notes you want moved or where you want to move them, so cut and paste is the way to tell MuseScore.

I think you'll quickly the workflow you have chosen is not a good idea. Way too much work, and too many things will go wrong in the process, like notes needing being split across barlines as you move things around, etc. It's designed to work where you enter durations along with pitches.

No, there is no way to do that in MuseScore, except if you need "insert mode" in the current measure only. That one is possible since MuseScore 3 (by a mode where the measure can grow and shrink).
If you want a true insert mode, you must either use Lilypond or Dorico (the last one being quite expensive and binds your licence to a specific version, forcing you to repay important upgrade fee to stay up to date :-( ).

Insert mode has been asked several times in the last years in this forum.
Answer from developers (but remember: developers can be you and me also) in the past has been to dismiss that as not relevant for notation software (the same type of answer to the same question can be found in Sibelius forum some years ago).
Then some years ago the potential of implemeting it as a "temporary scratch mode" only has been recognized.
Finally recent reactions are more positive.
Nothing has been implemented though (except in single measure).
I think that due to the internal data structure of MuseScore (everything is stored by measure) makes implemeting that insert mode quite challenging.

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