copying a pedal line so that length remains the same

• Sep 26, 2019 - 06:05

I want to reproduce a pedal line that is exactly one measure long, reaching from the first note of a measure to the first note of the next. In other words, I want to duplicate the horizontal length from the original pedal line to the copy.

Following the CNTL-SHIFT procedure, I click on my model pedal line, then drag to where I want the copy to start (at the end of the model I am copying). The starting point for the copy is correctly interpreted, but Instead of getting the same length pedal line, I get one about half the length of the model.

I can of course click on the short copy and stretch it to the desired end point, but isn't there a way to do an exact length duplication of a line element? I couldn't find anything about this in copy/paste in the manual.


You're right that this doesn't work, but I suspect you're missing the more efficient way to add pedal marks. Instead of adding them first then "stretching" them (which only works correctly if you use Shift+right rather than drag, hopefully you're doing that?), select the range of notes first, then double click the pedal in the palette. Then the line is the right length right from the beginning, no need to worry about stretching, and it's just as easy to add a new one as to copy an existing one.

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Is there a plan to implement the option to copy/paste a pedal line of the exact length? Currently, if I use the Ctrl+Shift method to clone a pedal that lasts a quarter note, it automatically sizes it to the entire measure. Given that I'd like the same-sized pedal to appears on multiple instances, it would be convenient if I could simply paste that pedal on a selection of notes, and have it extend to the length its been copied from.

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I'm not sure what you mean by adding them correctly to begin with. Suppose I have a 100 page piano score. In it, I decided that 35 measures will have multiply arpeggios, each stretching 1 quarter note. If I understand you, You're suggesting that I currently have to go to each of those arpeggios, highlight them, and tap the pedal. This is what I do now - I find that it would be a huge help if I didn't have to outline each selection one by one and double tap to add the pedal, and any other lines like 8va. If I could copy the exact size of pedal that I've created and go to each arpeggio, tap the note on which I want the pedal to start, and paste, I could complete the task 3 times faster. Are you familiar with how sibelius handle copy pasting of pedal markings? This would be valuable it seems, as I noticed many people run into this. Thank you

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Wait, are you talking about arepggios or pedal lines? I'm confused. Can you attach a example to clarify?

What I'm saying is that for pedal lines, simply selecting the full range you want the pedal line to apply to, then (single) clicking the pedal in the palette, adds to exactly that range. So no need to mess with copying things around.

I guess maybe you mean you have something like four sixteenth over and over and you always want this to apply to four sixteenths? In that case, you can select the first four, apply pedal, select next four, apply pedal, etc. There's even a shortcut for apply last palette element. So you can go through the entire piece doing this in no time flat without even needing to mess with the mouse - it's just a simple series of keystrokes. It might not be precisely the same series of steps as what you are used to, but as far as I can tell it's at least as efficient.

Anyhow, it's not impossible that if enough people request such a way to work with the mouse in this way also, maybe it could be added someday as well. Meanwhile, though, it should already be quite efficient.

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You understood me correctly, I was talking about pedals (just used an arpeggio as something you might want to hold a pedal under). What you describe in the second paragraph is what I have been doing currently. I select the range, and put the pedal in. In that case, could you please tell me or, point me to the documentation about the possibility of saving a 'length' of a selection? such that I could move the selection around. To explain better: Currently I click on the starting note, and then the ending note, then add the pedal. Suppose that selection length is always the same, is there a way to move that 'box' over another set of notes without having to re-select it manually? I'm basically looking for as many ways as possible to use my keyboard and avoid the mouse (wrist pain). Thank you

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Definitely avoid the mouse, or at least all those motions back and forth between the palette and score, or dragging (the worst!). To select a range, for instance, after selecting the first note, just Shift+Right to extend the selection note by note. So, after selecting the start place, Shift+Right three times to select the rest of the four sixteenths, then apply the pedal. Now simply press Right to move to the next note, then repeat - Shift+Right three times, apply pedal. Right, Shift+Rigtx3, pedal, etc. You could leave your mouse pointed over the pedal icon so all you need to do is click it, or as I said, define a shortcut for "apply last palette element" so it too is just a keypress away.

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