adding trills mordents etc in Musescore 3

• Sep 30, 2019 - 05:47

I need to add a lot or mordents and trills to the music I'm copying. I can't find keyboard shortcuts, so the only way I know is to select a note, find the advanced palette, and double click the appropriated symbol every time, which is very time consuming. Is there a way to shortcut the application of trills and mordents?


Well, once you've selected the advanced palette, it should always be there, and once you've opened the Ornaments palette, it stays open. So merely double-clicking the desired ornament itself is the only part you need to repeat, which isn't really much more time-consuming than a shortcut. Especially because you can actually select multiple notes at once then double-click the palette to add the ornament to all of them at once.

3.3 will have another very useful feature where Shift+Tab sends keyboard control to the last-used palette element, then hit Enter to add it. So it's kind of like having a "apply last palette element" shortcut.

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What didn't happen? Arer you saying you see something unusual in your palettes? Could be you have a customized palette, try resetting it (via the "..." button), and if that doesn't do it, try resetting the entire worksopacer (via View / Workspaces). If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score, a picture of your palette, and describe the problem in more detail.

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What didn't happen is: "3.3 will have another very useful feature where Shift+Tab sends keyboard control to the last-used palette element, then hit Enter to add it." (Unless this feature is Windows-specific.) However, a factory reset fixed the mordent problem that I (and other users) had.

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Depending on your exact configuraiton of windows - whether you've undocked the palette or Inspector, or closed them, or opened other windows - it is indeed possible that sometimes a single SHift+Tab won't take to direct to the last palette cell. Tab and Shift+Tab cycle through all available UI elements, and normally the palette is just one step back from the score, but any number of things can change that. But the actual "Apply current palette element" command always works reliably (once you assign it a shortcut in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts). I don't think that command was available when this thread was started, but it is now.

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Are you sure focus is in the score currently? Try clicking a note. Then press Tab repeatedly, paying closer attention to the palette, toolbars, and Inspector. You should see the focus highlight move from control to control as you do. By default, for instance, the first press of Tab should go the first control Inspector, which if you have a note selected, will be the Visible checkbox. Then it will run through all the other controls in turn. Then it will move to the toolbars, then to the palettes. Shift+Tab will move keyboard focus the opposite direction.

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