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Spyware from What is this?
in Internet forums is qualified as malware.....


It's simply the russian counterpart of google analytics. A way for the owners of the platform to gather statistics about the sites interactions.

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Uh, isn't a better answer "Yandex is a huge Russian info utility, like Google here, and, in fact, is hosted on it." is (for a couple of years now) a subsidary of Ultimate Guitar -- these are Russian companies operating in Kaliningrad, Russia. I think Moussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, and Rachmaninoff are pretty good, actually.

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I don't have answers, but I can tell you that Google Analytics can be and are used by many website whether they are hosted by Google in any sense or not. Probably the vast majority of US-based websites use Google Analytics, regardless of where they are hosted. I imagine the vast majority of Russia-based websites use Yandex similarly, and those in other countries probably have similar other services (not that they can't use Google, but they might be more likely to pick a local alternative).

Bottom line, as far as I can tell this is just normal Internet stuff.

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