Plugin documentation example for looping through parts

• Oct 7, 2019 - 22:34

Using the plugin documentation, i've been trying to loop through the parts of a score.
Here's what I where all brought me:

var partsList = curScore.excerpts;

// with excerptsAccess defined as follow:
QmlExcerptsListAccess {
id: excerptsAccess

But apparently I can't count the elements in that excerpts list. (Error being QmlExcerptsListAccess is not a type)
So if anyone knows how to make it work, he'd make a happy man.


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It's the type of object you get returned. But it is just a wrapping container type, which is why there is no exposure of the full class. Instantiating it yourself would at this point gain you nothing.

Is there any reason for you to want to create such an object yourself; and to what end?

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