Clean install of MuseScore 3 fails to start on Windows 10

• Oct 9, 2019 - 05:53


I just installed MuseScore 3, and I can't get it open.

I've searched through many bug reports looking for solutions.

Some basic information:
Running on Windows 10
MuseScore 3.2.3 64 bit for Windows

So far I have tried:

Starting MuseScore by opening up a song (as it's a clean install, I only have the Demos and Templates)

Starting via command line using -w, -s, -F, and -R

Uninstalling and reinstalling

Nightly Build (Same behavior)

Uninstalling unused printers

All of these resulted in the splash screen showing up for a few seconds, then disappearing.
ASIO4ALL would appear briefly in the system tray, but would quickly disappear.

The one exception is starting via command line using -s. That would take me through the initial setup (Select system language, keyboard, do you want to start tours), then would open a crash report. Trying this again after doing the setup once just goes straight to a crash report.


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On windows, if MuseScore crashes there is the option to send a crash report.

@robtuckfield Have you sent a crash report? What was in the report so someone can track it down and identify it as yours. I can then ask programmers to take a look at it and see if they can understand the cause of the crash.

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This happened to us for a while after a Windows 10 update. A lot of things stopped working - printing, MS Office, and MuseScore. Then all of a sudden, after another update, all was fine. Just last week, we had another Windows 10 Version 1803 cumulative update installed, and now MuseScore3 won't open again. We get the message that MuseScore3 has crashed & asked if we want to send a crash report, which I've done.

I'm getting so frustrated with Windows 10 constantly messing up my programs.

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I have windows 10 also, but I haven't had the misfortune of having MuseScore crash due to the update. I'm curious what kind of extra peripherals you might have that would cause the crash. I don't have anything but a standard sound card, I don't even have a printer attached to this computer.

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This is an older laptop with no peripherals except a USB mouse because we don't like touchpads & an external drive for backup. Our printer is a wifi printer and when we had the problem a few months back, every other device could print (even our phones). Windows saw the printer but all of a sudden couldn't print to it. I had to go through all sort of machinations to get it up and working again from Windows. The update from last week was a cumulative update for Windows 10, version 1803, KB4524149. I just got a newer laptop that has Windows 10 Pro on it and I'm hoping that it will work better. For what it's worth, my husbands iMac just keeps plugging away with no problems, but we use MuseScore on both machines, so I need it working on my laptop.

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I have a scanner, but that's pretty much the only real peripheral connected, besides keyboard, mouse, and 2 monitors.

I am a programmer, so I have some virtual machines, and my desktop environment is generally a mess. I'm excited to try out MuseScore, but it's probably not worth dismantling all my virtual machines and such.

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I went ahead and uninstalled the latest windows updates when I discovered that I also couldn't print any more. All of a sudden, everything is back to normal. I've set up Windows to have a metered connection in the hopes that it will stop automatically updating all the time. So now I can print again, MuseScore3 opens with no problems, and all seem fine.

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