Considering that slur playback isn't implemented, is there a way to manually edit each individual slur to emulate it?

• Oct 12, 2019 - 15:31

So I've been using slurs on string instruments (viola/violin) and it wasn't working in playback. Looked around and I see that it hasn't been implemented yet. I'm willing to go into the more advanced aspects of MuseScore in order to emulate it - for example, I have went into the Piano Roll to edit the timing of arpeggios. Is there a way to do so?

Don't think that a score is particularly necessary because it's a general question.


You can use the piano roll editor to change start and stop times to make the notes more legato (slurred). I'm not very familiar with it, perhaps @BSG will give you some tips when he sees this post.

You can use the piano roll editor to lengthen notes indeed, or use the new articulation plugins that are available for 3.3 to achieve the same effect. But of course, that's not really all a slur is about, it's more abut the attack. There's no straightforward way of changing that. You could install a soundfont that includes separate sounds for slurred vs not, then maybe use the "tremolo" channel on staff text to switch back and forth between them. No idea what soundfonts would support this or how viable it is. Way more work than it's worth to me personally, but feel free to give it a shot!

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