Problems with basics in Musescore 3

• Oct 13, 2019 - 14:40

My Musescore has updated itself to Musescore 3, but there's a problem.

Unlike with Musescore 2, now when I "Create New Score" the steps that include adding a key signature and tempo no longer appear. The moment I've added a time signature the template simply opens-up ready to use, except: without a key signature and without a tempo.

By messing around with the palettes on the left I have just about managed to add a key signature afterwards (not ideal), but when I try to use the palette to add a tempo, a box opens offering me a very limited range of time signatures ( all = 80!) and some standard tempo descriptions, such as Largo, Andante, etc. But I can't find any way to get these onto my actual score!

I know that before Musescore updated itself there was a quick icon to adjust the speed (e.g crotchet = 120 where you could just change the 120 to 60 and that would immediately halve the speed) but that icon has also disappeared in my new version. Sorry if this is basic stuff, but I had literally just started using this software, before it changed and now I can't make it work.

Please help, I have been driving myself to distraction... I've looked endlessly on Youtube but the tutorials seem all to be for earlier versions of Musescore. Even the one on the Musescore website is for Musescore 2 and the guy doing it has no problem adding his tempo and key signatures which is supposed to happen by default ...

Thank you!



First, MuseScore does not automatically update. If it updated, then someone used your computer and interacted with the internet to cause the update to happen. By the way, if you upgraded from 2.x to 3.x then 2.x is still on your computer, the shortcut has been removed though.

It sounds like you are clicking finish rather than next after you select your instruments. This will skip the key and time signature options.

As for adding tempos or key signatures, it is easiest to just drag it to the measure where you want to use it, in this case the first measure. The measure will turn red when you can release it.

As for the tempo (Note = 80) you can change this to anything you want. Edit it like you do any text, this didn't change between versions 2 and 3. If you change the 80 to 67, then the tempo will become 67 BPM rather than 80. If you change the number to 120 it will change the tempo to 120 BPM. All of these are based upon the note in the tempo mark, not based on the 1/4 note like in the inspector.

I'm not familiar with the quick icon you are referring to to change the tempo. There was never a single click to double or half the tempo that I'm aware of.

The key signature / tempo screen normally appears after the template but before the time signature. I've occasionally seen it get skipped as well (going straight from template to time signature) but can never figure out exact steps to make that happen. Something to do with the specific order in which I either click things or use keyboard shortcuts, but I can't pin it down, as I then try to do it again and it works. If you've got the exact sequence, please let us know!

Meanwhile, if it ever happens again, just hit Back to go back to the key signature screen. You can also add the key signature and tempo later from the palette, as mentioned. And to edit a tempo marking once you've added it to your score, just double-click it, like any other text.

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