Cross Staff Notation (with same stem direction)

• Oct 13, 2019 - 17:07

I have a question about cross staff notation with same stem direction. See attachment (jpg picture is the example I would like to do. Musescore file is mine with the problem in measure 3.) please advise. Thanks.


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Thanks for your reply. I did read the handbook. I did figure out the bass part cross staff notation, but for upper stave cross staff notation, I followed your direction, still cannot have all the stems in the same direction. (see attached m. 4 last beat.) For first 3 measures upper stave it's possible to move the notes (B,G) down. But for the measure 4, the stems are not in the same direction. I compared all the setting, they are same, but don't know why it cannot move like first 3 measures. Please advise.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I didn't find the answer in the handbook, but I did figured out the problem. I compared the setting of the first 3 measures you wrote for me, and the 4th measure of my own writing. I found out the beam custom position settings are different. Anyway, thanks again for your help.

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