Adding lyrics - after a break it jumps to second line.

• Oct 14, 2019 - 11:55

This probably sounds more complicated than it is.
Two measures each containing 3 crochets and the first three notes are connected with a slur. The lyric for the very first note of the first bar is entered and extended by an underscore through the next two notes. Then you save your work and go and have a cup of coffee. When you return to the score to continue adding lyrics, you highlight the first note of the second bar and hit Ctrl L and OOOPS ! it takes you to the second line of the lyric - not the first line you were previously on. If you don't notice this until you finish entering the lyrics you have to go back to where the error occurred and re-enter the underscore of the first bar and do the whole lot again to get it on the first line of lyrics. This didn't happen in Musescore2.
OK you can work around it, but if you are using text to sound software on completion its a bummer, as it only reads one line at a time.


I'm having trouble understanding the scenario, could you please attach a score with this issue and precisely steps (eg, which notes to click, which lyrics to enter, etc) in order for us to reproduce the problem?

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