System freezes

• Oct 14, 2019 - 13:19

I'm still having problems with system freezes. Today I tried copying and pasting about 120 bars with lyrics, of an Alto voice to a vacant Bass voice stave. It copied and pasted OK and as the copied notes and text were still highlighted I used the 'down' arrow to lower the notes on the Bass stave by about an octave (as I usually do in M2). When I hit the 'down' arrow once it lowered everything by a semi-tone but as soon as I hit it a second time it froze and the blue circle of doom appeared. The program bar above indicated "not responding" and about a minute later it seemed to recover and the copied notes had lowered by another semi-tone as anticipated. Sometimes it freezes again and again before it sorts itself out. It IS doing the job but these intermittent freezes are becoming a real nuisance. I imagine they are equally difficult to fix, but it's nearly always when I'm copying and pasting. I'm using the latest version of M3 on Windows 7 Home 64 bit


If you had extracted the Parts eliminate and generate them again at the end.
(Sorry, the automatic translator is in a bad mood)

In general, in order to investigate a problem you are having, we need you to attach your score and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem.

As it is, my best guess is that you have an extraordinary large score and it just so happens that autosave is kicking in at that moment.

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Thanks Marc, I'm used to dealing with "SATB plus piano" scores of 8+ voices, plus lyrics and well over 100 bars, sometimes over 40 pages of music and never encountered the problem before.
I've just tried to replicate the problem and I can't !! So it is an intermittent issue. Next time it happens I'll forward the score.
In the mean time I'll see if I can extend the autosave period.

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