Ubuntu Jack Audio issue

• Oct 14, 2019 - 21:31

Hi, gang!!!

I use MuseScore 3.2.3 with Ubuntu Studio 18.04.3 (one desktop PC and one laptop) and 19.04 (one desktop PC); all of them are 64 bits Linux installations.

Now I'm using all my audio (including MuseScore) with Jack Audio Connections Kit.

I can say that I have not had problems with this, BUT...

Each time I open MuseScore, I have to go to the "EDIT" menu, option "PREFERENCES" and click on the "RESTART MIDI and AUDIO DEVICES" button to get sound from the MuseScore Synthesizer.

If I open MuseScore and I don't click on the button..., I don't get sound at all!!!

Is it normal?

Is there some way to avoid to have to click that button?

Or... Did I miss something, here?

Am I doing something wrong?

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



If I understand correctly, I'm surprised that works at all. normally turning on JACK would disable the internal synth, or so I thought. But many are having trouble getting to JACK to work at all in MuseScore 3, maybe this is connected.

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Hi, Marc!!!

I have to recognize that I was afraid to use Jack by years, but now I know that it is very simple!!!

Even more, now I can synchronize MuseScore playing time with other audio apps (Audacity or Parole). Of course, inside each audio tracks could be some "out-of-time" issues, it is depending on the audio tracks tempo itself.

But, the issue I'm commenting here is about I don't have any problems with the MuseScore internal synthesizer using Jack. It is working so fine!!!

The problem itself is only present each time I open MuseScore: I have to use "the" button.

Maybe a bug? ???

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