MIDI inout/output

• Oct 15, 2019 - 11:54

I use MusicScore3 and I have a Technics KN6000 keyboard. To date I have not been able to MIDI the Technics to the program for note input nor for output from the program to use the on-board sounds in the keyboard.
Is this possible?


Should be. Be sure to start MuseScore after connecting and turning on the keyboard. Also if it's not working, be sure the MID Input icon is enabled on the toolbar. To get the output working, you need to go to Edit / Preferences / I/O and select the device. Also, if the MIDI connection is the original style with separate plugs for in & out (and possibly thru), be sure to connct the "in" of the keyboard to the "out" of the computer and vice versa. If it's just a single USB, that should happen automatically.

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Well, it's good that things are showing up; that's a start. So, are you familiar with how note input works in MsueScore? You've entered note input mode, selected a duration, then pressed a key on the keyboard - and what happens? No sound & no notation? Or one but not the other? What if you deselect the MIDI Output and just focus on the input for now - do you get sound from the computer now when you input notes as described (enter note input mode, select duration, press key on keyboard)?

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I don't know that keyboard either, but I own a Yamaha (usb connected) keyboard with built-in speakers. Perhaps you have settings similar to this:

Local control determines whether or not notes played on the instrument are sounded by its internal tone generator system: the internal tone generator is active when local control is on, and inactive when local control is off.

Keyboard out:
These settings determine whether keyboard performance data of the instrument is transmitted (ON) or not (OFF).

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Thanks guys. I've managed to get the program to receive note input from the keyboard (more by trial and error than anything else). I also found a KN6000 manual online and looked at the section on MIDI. When I play a note on the keyboard I now hear both the keyboard and the computer, which is not ideal but better than nothing; however, I still can't get MuseScore to play the keyboard and therefore benefit from the better orchestral sounds on there,

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