First Lyric out of place in each line

• Oct 15, 2019 - 14:25

One word from succeeding measure is collided on top of first word first measure, and then all other lyrics get "moved up". I want to move the collided word to start of second measure and have it move all others forward
Attached score and Jpeg with illustration of what I'm trying to accomplish

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You need to select all of the lyrics you want moved and cut them all. After the cut, you need to click the note where you want the lyrics to start before pasting, and if you've done this correctly, there won't be any lyrics there any more, because you will have cut them already.

So for example, with your file, I Ctrl+click the last five syllables ("earth and joy of Heav'n", then press Ctrl+X, then click the first note of the second to last measure and press Ctrl+V. Result is as expected, the lyrics were moved forward a note (so "Heav'n" ends up on the last note, not the second-to-last).

Meanwhile, I can confirm the XML you attached does not import nicely. but it gives the same result in Finale Notepad, and produces error messages in both MuseScore and Finale, so I assume the problem is in the file itself (the program that exported it did so incorrectly).

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