Cannot connect to YouTube Account

• Oct 15, 2019 - 18:27

Normally I wouldn't post non-application issues to this forum but I was directed here by as follows:

Maria Buryanina (MuseScore)
Oct 15, 14:23 CEST
Hi Mike,
Thank you for reaching out to us.
May I ask you to repost your message in our forum at
This way the MuseScore contributor community can read your message and help you out.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

MuseScore support team

The issue is this: I closed my Pro account last month and opened a free account instead (Mike Magatagan [Stimpy@Fan.Net]). I tried to associate the new account to my YouTube account but I receive the message:
“The YouTube channel Mike Magatagan is already connected with another MuseScore account. Upgrade to MuseScore Pro ( to connect multiple MuseScore accounts to the same YouTube channel.”

I need an administrator to remove any and all associations with my previous Pro account.

Thank you


H, Mike! I would say the person who contacted you may have misunderstood your question. Your first instinct is correct; you really need to post over on

In reply to by ryanshenmtdm

"The YouTube channel So you want to write a fugue is already connected with another Musescore account. Upgrade to Musescore Pro to connect multiple Musescore accounts to the same YouTube channel."

And... what can we do to stop this, now? There hasn't been further accounts of me at any time.


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