Staff merge // unmerge

• Oct 16, 2019 - 17:14

Hi Peoples, - much frustration & confusion wrt stave merging & unmerging...

Please refer to "Sample Explode - Implode" attached; -

p3 (end bar, lower system) "S" stave splits to S.I & S.2 on 1st bar p4... divergent arrows req. on final bar (p3) & continued to show relevant unmerge on 1st bar of p4.

p3 (end bar, lower system) "T" and "B" staves combine to "T&B" on 1st bar p4... convergent arrows req. on final bar (p3) & continued to show relevant merge on 1st bar of p4.

... I believe the notation is correct in both examples

Please advise, thank you.

Please advise, thank you,

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I also don't understand the question. Are you saying you already did an explode or implode but didn't like the results? Can you post the score before the operation, tell us exactly what you are trying to do, what you did, what you expected to happen, what happened instead?

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