Ossia does not save with score

• Oct 17, 2019 - 04:40

Put in an ossia with the image capture method. Can export score and ossia shows up in PDF. But when I save the score and then exit, ossia is not there the next time I open the score.

Is there a ways to save the score with the ossia in place?


Works fine for me. I recall there being a bug in older versions where images attached to rests as opposed to notes or frames didn't work, maybe that's your problem? Just update and it should be fine. Hmm, also, be sure to save using the default MSCZ format - MSCX is plain text and cannot contain images.

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You are dragging from a somewhere outside MuseScore, then dropping on a measure/staff? Interesting, I wasn't aware that was even possible. And indeed, it doesn't work correctly - it gets added but doesn't survive save/reload. But it works fine to drag to a note or rest.

But using an external program isn't necessary when using the image capture tool. The easier way to add these images is to just press Ctrl+C while still in the image capture tool, then exit the tool, select a note, rest, or frame, and Ctrl+V to paste. But as mentioned elsewhere on this thread, the image workaround is no longer needed for ossia anyhow, cutaway staves provide native support.


Of all the times I have asked a question on a forum, this has been the best set of responses ever. I learned two work arounds, got an update, and learned about a completely new technique.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

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You're welcome! Yes, it's a pretty amazing community here :-)

BTW, I'd encourage you to file an official bug report - Support / Issue tracker above, or Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore - regarding this, so it can be prioritized and eventually fixed. The simple fix would be to just stop highlighting the measure since we know it doesn't actually work. Not sure how hard it would be to make it actually work.

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