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• Oct 17, 2019 - 22:02

I need to transpose an original score I wrote in Musescore 3. I've looked at countless videos and such about how to automatically transpose an entire score, so I know it's possible. All of the answers I found involved the 'Notes' tab in the menu bar. Everyone in the videos had the illusive menu bar. I seem to be the only user without one. I read that you can access it from 'View > toolbars'. Yeah, I can't do that either. Does anyone know what's going on here? I've accessed the transposition menu before on accident, so I know I have one. I just can't figure out how to get to it.
I'm using Windows 10, FYI. I don't know if the software effects how the program runs.


You're definitely talking MuseScore 3 - software that you install on your desktop or laptop computer, and not one of the mobile apps for iOS or Android? There should definitely be a menu bar, just like any other Windows program. I'm not even aware of a way to make it disappear. Maybe your window is positioned slightly offscreen? Maybe try moving the window down? If that doesn't do it, could you post a screenshot?

The Notes menu, BTW, is obsolete, the Transpose command is now in the Tools menu, once you do find your menu. And also, be aware this is only for "non-automatic" transposition - the kind where you write a song in one key, then change your mind and decide you'd rather have it in another. The more automatic kind of transposition is the kind where MuseScore knows how to transpose music to be appropriate for instruments like trumpets or saxophones that require all music to be transposed according to specific intervals - that is truly automatic, you don't need a menu at all.

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??? Looking at your screenshot, I see the menu bar right where it always is - top of the window. Left to right, I see File, Edit, View, Add, Format, Tools, Plugins, Help - exactly as it should be. Tools is greyed out because you have no score loaded, but as soon as you open or create a score, it will be available, and there will be the manual Transpose option (the automatic one, as I said, doesn't involve the menu).

Try hitting Alt+T and then Enter.
(opens: Tools ->Transpose)

Not sure how you could have lost your main menu, but you could try hitting Ctrl+U in case you're running full screen and somehow the menu at the top may not be visible due to your monitor settings (Ctrl+U will exit full-screen mode).

Failing that, you could try hitting Alt+E and then Alt+P to open the Preferences dialog and then click "Reset All Preferences to Default".

This just happened to me. Musescore 3, Windows 10.
I found that doing Alt+t, as suggested below, forced a menu itemto drop down, and from there I went into Preferences. I toggled from Dark mode to Light mode (then back again; Dark is easier on my eyes).
I found that the Menu was indeed still there, as there was space for it, but the Menu text was not displaying (reason unknown).
Toggling that setting has restored it.

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