• Oct 18, 2019 - 22:12

Attached is a page from a score I'm trying to input into Musescore 3. I'm new at this so please forgive my lack of expertise (though I have used Sibelius.)
If you look at measure 19, the time signature is 12/8 and the measure is basically split into 4 x 3 beats. So after the 3-beat rest, I try to add a tuple by selecting the next 3 beats and pressing Ctrl-2 and adding the 2 notes. But something is not quite right!
Can you help me with the correct method for entering tuplets - this score is riddled with them?

Thanks in advance,

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I see only your PDF, but I think : before asking your tuplet, you must be on the good lenght, so, in your case, the lenght of your tuplet will be 1 time and half, cause in 12/8, so you must have a one time rest but dotted, or a dotted quater note. Now you press CTRL+2 on the rest or the note, and the tuplet comes

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