Why is default measurespacing not equally?

• Oct 19, 2019 - 20:17

Musescore is spacing by default the first measure of each system differently. I call it unfair spacing because it looks like musescore is thinking that the actual measure is starting at the barline. In fact, the measure starts after clef, key signature and time signature.
To me, this looks unnatural, not how a publisher publishes his work. It looks like it's not supposed to work like this. After some respacing (shift+[ and shift+]) it looks right but after all, fixing the spacing takes much time and if you decide to change a measure break you have to refix the first measure spacing.

Is musescore supposed to space every first measure of each system this way? Or did I miss something like a hidden setting?


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The bug is yours, MuseScore did what you told it to do but you didn't like the result. jm6 said he reset the defaults and got a better result.

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