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• Oct 19, 2019 - 23:20

Several questions about attached MS 3 score:

  1. Why is the grand staff spacing so large (too much space between treble and bass staves), e.g. in the 3rd system? I’ve reviewed all options I remember from MS 2 but can’t figure it out.

  2. Why are slurs and fingering overlapping as in m. 2? I thought the whole point of MS 3 was to avoid this.

  3. Whether I connect the pedal from m. 11 to voice 1 or 2 in m. 12, it never seems to align correctly.

  4. Re: text frame at end. I copied this text from online. To strip formatting I put it in Windows Notepad before pasting it. But still, I can’t get the text to be single-spaced. If MS 3 retains formatting (though I’m not sure how it could from Notepad), why doesn't it allow control of line spacing? Do I have to manually type this from scratch to get the formatting I want?


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  1. The spacing on the 3 staff is so large because you moved the p and the staves moved to make room for it.

  2. slurs don't do massive gyrations to avoid fingerings, this is good. Perhaps the fingerings should move to avoid the slurs or both the slurs and fingerings should move. I'm not sure if there is an issue opened for this. There are still a lot of fingerings issues opened.

  3. May be a bug, someone else will no doubt give an answer.

  4. Someone else will have to explain this. I don't usually use text for lyrics at the end.

Regarding 2), automatic placement does avoid many collisions, but there are a few combinations it doesn't, and fingering vs. slur is one. I did try a tentative fix in, but it's problematic. Also, slurs deliberately don't avoid things attached to notes on the endpoints because that would lead to some pretty crazy gyrations as mentioned.

3) is a known issue, well, it was reported on the forum I think but I don't see an issue for it. Feel free to create one (Support / Issue tracker, above - or Help / Report a Bug, from MuseScore)

4) Seems there are double line breaks. Just remove one. Not sure what you started with, but if I just type text into Notepad and paste into MuseScore, it works as expected. Did the text maybe come from Linux originally? Different systems use different conventions for how to represent newlines (ASCII character 10 vs 13).

  1. To fix the (weird?) text frame line spacing...

In text edit mode, with cursor at the end of the word 'Him', press the right arrow, then press backspace. This eliminates an empty line.
Next press the down arrow to move to the end of the next line.
Then right arrow followed by backspace, etc..

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