Exported PDF score & Parts, and MP3, then original musescore file disappeared.

• Oct 20, 2019 - 17:14

Hi there,

I created 5-part harp ensemble of "Down in the River." I worked on this file over multiple days, with no problems opening and working on the file. I also successfully exported the file as PDF score and parts, individual parts, and an MP3.

But now I cannot find the original MuseScore file anywhere on my computer. All the PDFs are there, the MP3 is there. Other scores that I have created are there. But this one has vanished. Any ideas on how to restore? Or do I have to re-enter the entire score? Thanks


The first place I would look is in Recent Files in the file menu. Unless you have opened a lot of .mscz files it should still be listed there. If it's there, open it and use File->Score propeties to see where it's save on your computer.

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