Switching keyboards in MuseScore

• Oct 22, 2019 - 12:02

In my (very limited!) spare time, I’ve been transcribing Russian opera selections. However using the special characters menu to enter lyrics by clicking them one-at-a-time is rather tedious. If I switch to a Cyrillic keyboard (and enable it in my OS), will MuseScore recognize the characters? My concern is that during initial setup, MS asks what kind of keyboard I’m using, and I haven’t seen an option to change it afterwards.


I'm pretty sure that option is just to help us ick appropriate defaults for keyboard shortcuts, not anything else about low-level keycode input Which is to say, it should work.

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The concept is good, but I don’t think it will work well in Russian. The syllables don’t always align with the notes as neatly as they do in the romance languages, and there are occasionally one-letter words shown in the lyrics as kind of “between notes” that one has to decide whether to “elide” (not sure if thats the right word, although the same concept) them to the word that is prior or after. Not to mention the concatenation of consonants that are so merged one can’t tell which note to put them with.
So, the advantages would be negated by the preparation that is required. Though I very much appreciate that you took the time to respond!
Just to complain-
In every score that I’ve done so far, I’ve had to compare three different sources (IMSLP for music and first attempt at lyrics, and two other web sources for slightly different versions of the lyrics) to get something that seems correct, and then make a best guess as what parts of which to use.
I’m fortunate to have a co-worker who is native Ukrainian/Russian and also loves Russian poetry, music, and opera; she has corrected me on issues where it turns out that none of the web sources were definitive, and of common practices such as not including the umlaut over what looks like an English “e” where a native speaker would know that the umlaut is understood even though absent.
Very slow learning curve for someone who is not slavic!

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