How to change language to English?

• Oct 22, 2019 - 14:14

Dear, I downloaded MuseScore 3.0 succesfully. But I selected, by accident, the language "Deutch" instead of "Dutch". I don't understand the German language at all :). So, could I change the language to Dutch (is Netherlands) or to English even?

I tried already to desinstall the program MuseScore from my PC, and then tried to download it again, but the installation wizard does not ask me anymore, which language that I would like. So, this is not a solution.

What can I change to the English version? Thanks in advance. Bernard


In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Your message is maybe funny (maybe for you?), but it is not usefull at all ;) And I bet you don't read Nederlands ;) : Yes, it is pretty far ;)
Anyway, we found the solution!! Musescore, luckely, offers a possibility to re-enter in the installation wizard, where you can select/change the language. (luckely, my friend had some German at school ;)
End good, all good. Cheers

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