Connecting Musescore with VST Vienna Synphonic Library

• Oct 22, 2019 - 14:17

Can I connect Musescore to VST type Vienna Synphonic Library?
or if you can connect Musecore with other VSTs on the market.
Thank you.


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Some are, some aren't. And then there's also the matter of personal preference/stylistic preference. It often can pay off to look for specialized soundfonts for specific instruments (or timbres of it) depending on how important playback is as well as which type of score you're writing.

Some of the more commonly deemed decent free soundfonts are linked from our handbook at

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Thanks again
I tried to download 'Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra' in Musescore 3.3 beta 2, but I failed.
I also believe that the quality of this library is not very different from the one in use.
You told me that it is enough to 'export' wav or midi files and connect them to a chosen vst. Have I understood correctly ?

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What part failed; the downloading itself, or adding it to MuseScore?

Exporting .wav files will only get you audio the way MuseScore renders it; this is not the path you're looking for.

Exporting MIDI is an option, but it requires you to re-export (and then re-import in the other software) for every change you make wish to listen too. It works, but it's tedious.

What I proposed as an alternative to using soundfonts is to have MuseScore broadcast its playback MIDI data in realtime to different software. Be aware that doing so has quite a steep learning curve and given that you're not familiar with the difference between wav and MIDI won't make it any easier.
But once you succeed at this setup, you can enjoy playback of MuseScore to flow through your desired DAW-softwarepackage where you can then use whichever soundlibraries and techniques (such as VST) you so desire.

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Thank you.
I uploaded the soundfonts 'Arachno' and 'PC51d.sf2' in Musescore 3.3 beta2, but, as I thought, they are lower than Musescore General.sf3.
I used Audicity. It's simple, you get good results, even if not professional. It is not designed for instrumental plug-ins.
I will try to use LMMS or directly Cubase.
It is difficult to find instrumental plug-ins for orchestra with low costs.
Excellent results with Vienna, but the costs are too high.

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