Can't use onScoreStateChanged

• Oct 30, 2019 - 18:44


I'm trying to use a basic listener/event in my main PluginAPI class named Musescore but I can't even execute cause of : "ligne 20: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onScoreStateChanged""
But on the Doxygen documentation, every PluginAPI object seems to have this property.
And also, the code I'm trying is the basic "selectionChangeExample" plugin...
I'm not a QML/Qt pro, so please someone can help me ? Here is the code :

import QtQuick 2.0
import MuseScore 3.0
MuseScore {
menuPath: "Plugins.selectionChangeExample"
pluginType: "dock"
dockArea: "left"
implicitHeight: 75 // necessary for dock widget to appear with nonzero height
implicitWidth: 150

Text {
// A label which will display pitch of the currently selected note
id: pitchLabel
anchors.fill: parent
onRun: {
curScore.onScoreStateChanged: {
if (state.selectionChanged) {
var el = curScore ? curScore.selection.elements[0] : null;
if (el && el.type == Element.NOTE)
pitchLabel.text = el.pitch;
pitchLabel.text = "no note selected";


Are you trying this in the 3.3-release candidate or the current stable version (3.2.3) ?

This feature is only available from 3.3+. The release is scheduled for tomorrow, but the documentation has already been updated in anticipation of it.

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