Need help : can't upload score

• Oct 31, 2019 - 07:34

Hey guys. I have a problem. I can't upload my score (herewith attached). When I try to successfully put it online, it displays a message that says :

'The score cannot be uploaded, as we don't support this version of mscz files yet.
Sorry for the inconvenience.'

I know it comes from the score itself because whenever I tried to upload another score as a guinea pig, it worked fine. Can someone help me out? What should I do to seemingly de-corrupt it and make it work again?

(Note : my version of MS is
Fichier attaché


Cross-linking to

Opening that score doesn't report any corruptions, and it does not have linked parts, (for which such corruptions would ne get reported, but rather crash on save)

Using "Save online" doesn't give any such error message. But the score seems to be stuck in processing.

Using direct upload on doesn't give me that error message either, but that too doesn't seem to succeed.

That score has never before been "Save online"d (or not saved locally after that): the File > Score Properties > source tag is empty. (I'm not saying that this is the reason for the failure, just stating the facts I can gather)

My first suspicion was that title image, so I removed it and tried uploading without: no luck either, so that theory is busted.

Exporting to PDF, PNG, SVG, MP3, MID, MXL all works, so it isn't that being the culprit either

So it got to be something extra being done on the MuseScore backend process on

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