An "on the fly" change of the Tempo

• Nov 3, 2019 - 22:44

A simple ditty I have been trying to change consists of 4 repeats of a particular section with one difference - the initial (1st) repeat should run at a tempo slower (100 beats) than the following three passes (120 beats).
So I start with t=100, then just before the 1st pass comes to the end, I set t=120 and the 2nd pass goes ahead alas, once it starts, the tempo reverts to the initial 100 ! Not happy !
Anybody knows what is happening here?
I am on the verge of writing the 1st pass as a separate section with its t=100 and having the remaining 3 passes as a standard repeating block with t=120. Not very elegant .... help, please.


You cannot get this directly.

You have to make the desired tempo change as a first part of the piece.

Then you have to make a second part (with the same notes and chords, I guess) of the piece without the tempo change and repeat this second part, only.

When a measure is written once, it can only have one tempo or dynamic assigned to it, so the first one that is applied to that measure is always applied to that measure. Changing the tempo before a repeat will not change this so to get the playback you are looking for you will have to write out (or copy) the measures for the tempo change as you have considered doing already.

If you want a correct play back with different tempos, it's not possible . If it's only to get sheet music, you can, simply write the different tempos with also text, like 1st time, 2nd time, the sheet will be good but the play back , no.

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If you mean can you put a "Tempo=130" inside of volta 1 to make the repeated tempo different, this is taboo. It may be done once in a great while, but it's bad practice. What would be better would be text that says "Tempo = 130 second and third times" above the first measure. This would tell me that the previous tempo applied to the first time, but it is increased to 130 on the repeats. This is done with dynamics far more often:

pp first time
ff second time

under the measure.

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Yes, there seems no easy way around this (as you also mention elsewhere) and I have given up trying to be clever, so I have just re-written the section I want played at a different tempo. No big deal except that the whole piece now will not fit on a single page of paper which was the original aim .
In any case, thanks for your effort and for enlightening me!

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I suppose your goal is to play along with MuseScore since you insist on playback and notation to work properly. If this is the case, I don't see a way around rewriting the score for the two playbacks. If you wanted to print (or export to PDF) and distribute the score, then playback doesn't matter.

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