Import a midi file with multiple time signatures

• Nov 5, 2019 - 15:55


I have a song with several time signatures as a midi file (tempo map included). When I import it in Musescore, the time signatures are gone. I could add these time signatures changes per hand but Musescore rewrote all the rhythmical values to fit a 4/4 and I would have to correct most of it (like having two quarter notes tied instead of a half note).

What can I do please?


MuseScore does support this - I tried it with a file I exported from MuseScore itself. So I'm guessing it will turn out to be an issue with how the time signatures are recorded in your particular file - whether they are on one control track or on each track etc. First step in investigating would be for you to attach such a file and tell us which program created it. but I'd also experiment with the settings int the program you used to create the file to see if there is any way to force it to record the time signatures differently (and be sure it actually is exporting the time signature changes at all).

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