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• Nov 9, 2019 - 08:13

I'm doing my first steps using parts, a great feature so far. I use Musescore 3.3 on Win10.
I created parts succesfully. No I try to edit the created parts, add/remove instruments from/to parts, activate/deactivate voices... This is not possible. The checkboxes for the voices don't react, the + / - buttons to move instruments from "instruments in score" to "instruments in part" and back are inactive.
Did I miss something? I think it did work before.
How does it come that "Akkkordeon" exists twice in "instruments in part" ?

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One more question about this example:
I want to create a part containing only vocals (Gesang) and the right hand (upper line) of the accordion.
Can you recommend a way to hide the left hand system of the accordion?
Should I better notate the accordion in two separate systems instead of using a pair as in the given example?

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