Musescore 3.3 -- Problems with playback

• Nov 11, 2019 - 19:58


Occasionally when I click the playback button for a score the piece does not playback (no sound). I've checked all the I/O settings (nothing had changed) and they are ok. Quitting Musescore and re-opening generally does the trick. When playback doesn't work all scores are affected; opening a different score doesn't make a difference. Never saw this issue with Musescore 2.

Sometimes the initial playback takes several seconds to start (first time play button is pressed).


that delay after statrup is normal, the SF3 soundfont gets loaded and unpacked into RAM in the background, this is causing the delay. Only option to avoid that is to use a(n uncompressed) SF2 soundfont

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Well, that is odd. As I said, sometimes there is a delay after re-starting a session. (Once playback does begin, there are no further troubles.) I do not think there are any RAM-related issues, so it is puzzling. I have been aware of this for some time, certainly before updating to the most recent version.

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If you stop doing something, the operating system may suspend certain programs, particularly ones that use a lot of memory. A program like MuseScore using several sound fonts would have a more obvious delay than say your desktop calculator as the physical memory in the computer is reassigned by the operating system to the memory intensive program.

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