Accidental Notes Are Playing Naturals

• Nov 12, 2019 - 03:19

Just as the title says, my score is playing naturals where I've set them as accidentals, sharps to be specific. Right now I'm just putting a scale down, A# Melodic Minor specifically, and when I set A and A# beside each other, they play the same note about half of the time.

I googled it and found one person with a similar issue, but they were using something aside from a #, with three horizontal lines, because their resolution wasn't high enough to notice - not so for me. It's for sure a #, and I have # set into a shortcut in the preferences.

I'm playing around trying to get a feel for the software, I'm using MuseScore2 and have always used Guitar Pro to notate my music, but I am running into annoyance after annoyance and would've already switched back if Guitar Pro had a Linux version that would work on a Raspberry Pi.


If the key signature has an A# in it, then indeed you'd get the same sound from what appears to be an A and an A# next to each other. Or if you added the sharp from the "symbols" palette rather than as a true accidental. Aside from that it should work. As mentioned, if you attach your score, we can understand and assist better.

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MuseScore doesn't change notes based upon harmonic or melodic minor keys, only the base key signature assigned to the staff, So it doesn't know that people raise the 7th and will not do that automatically. So we need to see the score where the sounds are not cooperating. Marc is probably on the right track, but it wouldn't be the only place the wrong note has been put in a sound font either.

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