Version 3.3 crashes when opened.

• Nov 12, 2019 - 17:20

Just downloaded and installed 3.3 from October. When I double click the desktop icon or right click and selected open, program opens and immediately closes before showing recent scores. If I do it again, asks about restoring previous version and yes or no results in an immediate close. I can get it to open and be stable if I double click an existing score which is displayed on open. I can close and go to new to create new score but unstable from desktop.


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I can open ok by double clicking an existing .mscx file;
I can disable the start center and it opens okay.
When start center is not disabled, I cannot open it by any standard method for opening a program in windows; can't click on icon, can't right click and select open, can't click on program.exe in folder directory list. Program opens briefly showing a new empty score and immediately closes. The next time I am prompted to restore a previous session that terminated incorrectly.

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