Moving notes

• Nov 13, 2019 - 15:01

I sometimes move lyrics and notes using the inspector to better space them in a measure. For instance, a measure might have a quarter note, quarter rest, eighth rest and three eighth notes. The space between the lyric under the quarter note and the lyrics under the three eighth notes are spaced fairly far apart. The lyrics under the three eighth notes are squished together. I find it easy to move untied notes within the staff. Notes above or below the staff will move but the staff line for that note just stretches. Tied notes are easy to move but the beam stays where it is and can't seem to be moved with the corresponding notes. Am I missing something?


You are moving the note in the note section then the stem separately. Just move the note in the chord section of the inspector and the stem and lyrics will move with the note head and the ledger lines will not extend. Neat trick/dangerous bug: put the mouse on the offset and scroll your mouse wheel and the offset will adjust by .50sp per click.

You shouldn't need to resort to manually moving things about, though. The default spacing is proportional to duration - it's correct that quarter notes get more space than eighths. But if this results in more crowding of the lyrics than you prefer, go to Format / Style / Lyrics and increase the "Min distance". MuseScore will guarantee that much spacing betwene syllables, and will automatically adjust everything to keep proper spacing.

There are other relevant settings in Format / Style / Measure and elsewhere as well. If you need further assistance, attach your score and we can show you how to more easily get results more in line with your preferences.

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