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• Nov 15, 2019 - 14:14

Good morning!

We need to have a way to have copyright text defaulting only to the bottom of page one of a score.
Currently, the only place to add such text is in the general score Header/Footer, which places copyright across all pages, rather than just page one.
In the Add > Text menu, there are options for Title, Composer, etc. It should be easy enough to also add "Copyright" in this menu option. The application is already pulling the copyright from score properties, so from here it should just be a quick and easy page placement function, correct?
Better yet, can copyright (and for that matter, Title, Composer, etc.) automatically place those texts based on the Score Properties pane?



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This should be the default setting for the program; it absolutely should not start off by imprinting the copyright on all pages.
Yes - I can go in to change that. But I shouldn't need to alter the application's defaults to go from nonstandard to standard. The program's defaults should always fall to standard engraving practices.

And all OpenScore works have the copyright notice on every page. So it's not an unusual setting to use as the default.

If this default irritates you a lot, why not set up a Template score with your preferred setting?

It's also worth mentioning that what is "standard" depends on very many factors. At different times in history and in different countries around the world, copyright law has been written or interpreted to require the message on all pages. Also, the conventions often differ for works collected into books versus works pubished on their own, and of course, Internet publishing comes with its own set of considerations (the much greater likelihood of passages being found out of context).

So indeed, while there might be a majority of printed scores published in the past with copyright on the first page only, that's not the only consideration in choosing a default for a modern application designed to produce scores that may well be shared worldwide and online. That said, I'm also not opposed to our changing the default if there is sufficient consensus here.

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