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• Nov 15, 2019 - 18:49

I want to record a midi file with my keyboard because I want to use its keyboard sound instead of computer sound. But when I let it play, the sound coming out of the keyboard is not the same as when playing the exact same note. It sounds like ***. I tried change instrument, also in the mixer. I turned reverb from keyboard off and compared again. How can I just get the piano sound from the keyboard?


Hard to say without knowing more about your environment - your particular score, which instruments you use, the MIDI channels you have selected, your keyboard and its settings, etc. Not that I personally am an expert on any of this, but I know enough to know that there are lots of these details you need to get right if you want it to work.

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It's a simple score, only one piano. I looked in the instrument settings and also in the mixer settings, I just want to have the default Grand Piano sound.

I got the midi connection working, no problems with that. I was just wondering, why there are different results when playing the same note on the keyboard itself and playing it remote from the PC.

I thought that's what midi is for - controlling which tones another device is playing.

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Again, we'd be happy to try to help, but we need all the information I asked for before in order to understand and assist better. By default, with most scores and most systems, things should work already, and it's impossible to know what is different about your case without more information. My best guess is something about your configuation is resulting in a different channel being output than what your keyboard is expecting.

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Hi, I tried it again today and it didn't work. But it should be an issue with musescore because I tried midi output with Synthesia too and there the sound was exactly as if I played the note on the keyboard.

I recorded something, the first tones are from the musescore midi output and the following is the keyboard sound itself. It shouldn't depend on the score, I just created a new one, simply with one Grand Piano. (It's in the zip, for some reason mp3 is not allowed.)

My Keyboard: Yamaha YPT 220

(It takes some patience to get it work, till you can hear something, the program seems to get a bit buggy. Choose the right midi device after every start, ok, go in settings again, restart audio devices, then it works. But after some time or clicking the wrong thing, midi connection is lost: go to settings, midi setting is unclickable, nothing happens, close, open again...)

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