Semitone trills

• Nov 18, 2019 - 03:28

Is it possible to create a trill that uses a half-step instead of a whole step for trilling? C and C-sharp rather than C and D, say.


With proper playback? There are two ways. For your specific example a key signature that contains a Db would do this by default. If the key signature does not have a Db, then if an accidental in the measure creates a Db, then you would get that playback. One way to trick MuseScore into doing this is to put a Db on beat 1 of the measure (or at the latest on the same beat as the trill starts) in an unused voice you can make it invisible so in print it looks right and playback is correct. You can then adjust the display of the trill (or mordent or turn...) appropriately to tell a musician what to play.

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