musescore 3.0 for leaning keyboard

• Nov 18, 2019 - 15:47

I came across musescore looking for learning software for songs. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the online version. Oh, good. a score Player with a measure indicator. But, then I found the piano roll function! I need that. Very good.

Or is it? I can't figure a way to get my midi keyboard to play through the Win10 laptop headphones. Bummer. Capture.JPG Capture.JPG Of course, other learning programs do that quite easily.

So, I download the windows app, and I see my my keyboard in the midi input section. But, still no sound.

I don't mind paying for the service but, first I need to see it if will work for me.

Any ideas? I must be missing a concept and a setting or two.

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Thanks, Shoichi

Yes, I did that. But, I don't think I worded things correctly.
On the website there is a piano roll function for every composition.
I want to play my keyboard with those piano rolls.

Indeed, the desktop is free, and doesn't have a piano roll that
I can find. And I have to join musescore to get compositions downloaded, IAC.

So, it is quite possible I have this all mixed up.

I want to learn the arrangements, that are online, by using my keyboard playing with the piano roll.

Is that possible?

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You may need a paid account to download all of the scores you want so you can see them on your desktop. This would absolutely fall into the category of convenience if you want to do this. In the program, there is a piano keyboard that lights up the keys you would press to play the score. Press P to see the keyboard.

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There is a mixer online where I can change the sounds. Its the 3 vertical lines with knobs on them. When I enable the synthesizer I can change the sounds to whatever I want. I'm not sure if this is free or paid. I've got a paid account will all the bells a whistles that pre-dates this feature, so I'm not sure you have this.

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You would have this same problem with any website, I believe, because it's an issue with your Operating System and browser not having the capability to mix your midi keyboard sounds and the browser audio into one audio channel where both inputs can be heard.

You may want to investigate either software or hardware that allows you to mix on-board PC audio (what you would hear from a youtube or video) with the midi sound of your keyboard. It could be something as simple as a little 4-channel mixer where the stereo signals from your computer and your keyboard can be run into the mixing board and mixed down to a single stereo (2-channel) output. Such a mixer may even have a little preamp and headphone output that would make it a one-box thing.

Or maybe there's some kind of software that would accomplish the same thing?

Are there websites out there that can actually receive a midi signal from your local workstation and mix it into an audio stream? and send it back to your operating system? I'm not familiar with that technology if it exists.

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