Delete a hidden fram

• Nov 18, 2019 - 22:58

I added a vertical frame to my first measure so there would space between the title frame and my fretboard diagrams. There was too much space, so I made the top gap, bottom gap, and height =0.00sp. There is still space there, but it has forced my last line onto a new page. I would like to delete it, and I cannot select it.

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Winter_Wonderland.mscz 25.35 KB


Couldn't click the frame you say is there and didn't look in the file to see if I could see it either, but I selected the one I could see and changed the bottom gap to 2.5 and these are the results.

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Winter_Wonderland.mscz 27.53 KB

For future reference: click the first vertical frame to select it, then press Alt+Right to navigate to the next element, which in this case is the invisible frame. Then you can delete it, change its height in the Inspector, etc.

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