Change volta text - on a Mac?

• Nov 20, 2019 - 10:11

I'm trying to change the text on a volta from 1. to 1. & 3. The handbook states:

Right-click on a line and select Line Properties…;

Add any text you want to appear in the line;
    Begin: Text added here appears at the beginning of the line.

I have done this, though on a Mac it is control-click. The window comes up as on the attached file but when the text is typed in nothing happens, before or after Return. I have managed this in the past, though I seem to remember that MuseScore was fussy about dots and spaces. The latest version of the application doesn't seem to support this.

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Thanks, but this does not solve the problem: editing the text in the Begin Text box does not result in a change to the score. The only exception is if the 1. is deleted to leave a blank box, then the number disappears in the score. So, the system is working up to a point, but it does not seem to accept additional text.

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Ah! That "&" problem again, missed that, sorry. Such issues come and came up time and time again, they should be fixed though meanwhile, which version are you using?

Edit: darn, it might have been fixed one time, but I see it in 3.3.2, so ithis eirther back or this particular one never got fixed

Where exactly does the handbook state Right-click on a line and select Line Properties…; ? This needs to get fixed (if in the 3.x handbook)

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