Upgrade from Musescore 2 to 3

• Nov 20, 2019 - 11:11

Installed Musescore 3 alongside 2 on my Ubuntu 18.04 system.

Alll appears to work fine.

I have a number of scores in version 2 (all very simple) that I have transferred to the new version, as I don't really want 2 versions of the s/w on the PC

When I open a version 2 score in 3 I get this message

To best take advantage of automatic placement in MuseScore 3 when importing '7. Oranges_and_Lemons' from MuseScore 2.3.2, it is recommended to reset the positions of all elements.

Reset the positions of all elements?

Saying yes to this does nothing with my simple scores, so I carry on, say Yes and save the score in the new version.

When I come to open the score in the new, saved version , the message appears again.

How do I get it to stop?




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Ok - found the problem

When I opened version 3 it was pointing to scores from version 2 - despite my Preference being set to 3.

Saved scores from 3 were going to the correct place, but when I opened them again they were from the version 2 directory.

I'll pay attention to exactly where they're coming from until I've upgraded them all



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