Keep play panel visible on program start?

• Nov 23, 2019 - 06:09

I have an ideal layout that I use with my panels set up in tabs on the left and right sides of the score. The palette and selection filter are in a tabbed view on the left and the mixer, inspector and play panel are set up in tabs on the right, while the timeline is kept open across the bottom. Whenever I launch Musescore the mixer, inspector, selection filter and palette all retain their correct position/layout, however the timeline and the play panel do not.

Is there a way to ensure that musescore saves the panel layout when it closes?


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Thanks Jeetee. I was unaware that that was a separate preference. I wonder why this single panel is treated differently to the other panels. All of the other panels automatically return to their previously used state upon program launch. It seems weird that this panel is governed by a different setting that is inconsistent with the other panels.

Also, even though the panel does show up now that I have it checked in preferences, it unfortunately appears in a completely different position and size that is not the same as how I normally have it docked.

It would be great if this panel followed the same behavior as all other panels.

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