Playback - voice note Highlight?

• Nov 24, 2019 - 14:17

Hi peoples; - my apology if this facility already exists - but an on-line handbook searchdoes not find it; -
... that in play mode, as the travelling bar crosses each note, the specific note becomes "super-bright"?
I create choir practice videos from Musescore and such facility would surely assist some to learn to be able to sight-sing...
Many thanks, John


Currently when you use playback, a light blue bar highlights the current location in the song and all currently played notes are changed from their (usually) default black to a blue that clearly contrasts with the blue bar.

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Hi Mike, thank you for your msg. I'm aware of the function to which you refer... but also aware of (an unknown) music score package which "super-brights" the relevant voice note and the also the associated lyric text...
I know I've seen such and will attach an appropriate link when I've remembered what the (You Tube) track was!

I would also like this feature or something similar. I am using coloured notes in my score and would rather it didn't change the colour of the note as it played and didn't use the light blue box. Is this editable? I would like a clear, black-framed box around each note, serving to highlight around the note but not alter the colour.

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Hi Conor - interesting variation... now let's hope the MS Dev team take it seriously & apply it soon!
... make the highlight box user selectable for shape, size & colour... with optional colour fill...
... and put the cherry on the cake by the option of differing the above formats per individual voice!

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