Better quality PDF export.

• Nov 24, 2019 - 17:33

Following with the thread posted below i'll put the thing here for ask for a better image quality capability on Musescore when exporting to PDF. ^^

This is the thread (with pictures examples):



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Your Foxit PDF reader produces blurry images from verctorized PDFs, no other PDF reader does this for anyone else so far.

Actually bitmap won't help, that PDF printer files you shared is vectotrized too.
So it seems Foxit has a problem rendering embeded fonts maybe?

Anyway, best bring this up with Foxit, it apparently is their problem. Or an issue with your version, installation or setup

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Ive updated to last Foxit version and problem persists. Please check your eyes. Thanks.

I tried 'Slim PDF Reader' too and have the same issue, so there is a problem on how they manage the files: vector rendering capable or not. Thats the thing it seems. (don't know really)

But.. Musescore should consider that, because Foxit are one of the most popular readers and it seems that other readers use the same system too.

So i request Musescore (they, us, we.. WTV) to give us the solution and let us choose when exporting a PDF what system to use.

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