Use title for node links or not

• Nov 24, 2019 - 21:52

I have noticed there is a possible interesting feature, for which I would like to know if it is intentional (so it can be used as such) or not.
In the handbook main page, there is the following text:

- [node:296401,title="Roman Numeral Analysis] __NEW__

This shows the text with a link to the page in the handbook. However, the interesting part here is that when I added a Dutch translation for this page, it automatically used the Dutch page title in the main page of the handbook. I was wondering why and it turns out to be caused by the incomplete "title". It is missing the closing " before the ] bracket.

Next I tested and removed the title completely, so ended up with:

- [node:296401] __NEW__

This also uses the Dutch page title when the link is displayed in the main page of the handbook.
While this makes it less obvious/easy to translate (as you don't know what node 296401is about), it is nice that you don't need to update the main page after adding the translation.
I don't think we should use "broken" title by not having all " in the correct place, as it may work now but perhaps in the future, after some updates to the content handling, it may no longer work and perhaps even breaks the page being displayed correct.

What do you think? Can this be used or should we avoid this and always include the title?


This indeed is supposed to work correctly by not including the title attribute. The attribute works as an override for the default case.

This used to be documented in the "details" section beneath the post/comment box.

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