File just disappeared?

• Nov 25, 2019 - 20:03

I was just working on an MDL file not even five minutes ago. I hit save three times and double checked that it saved (i'm paranoid, what can I say), and I do something else. When I try to go back to the app, I see that it crashed. When I open it back up, the file was gone. Literally, nowhere to be seen. There isn't even a back up of it, you know, the hidden file thing. What happened?


Did you answer "yes" when it asked if your wanted to restore your session? How did you check that it saved - were you viewing the folder in a separate file browser app? Be sure to check the same folder. Also, depending your OS and version of MuseScore (we'd need to know both of those things to assist better), your score might live somewhere other than you think if it was the result of a previous crash recovery.

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