Zoom Settings

• Nov 26, 2019 - 22:06

Almost every time when I open MuseScore my first action is setting the zoom to "Page Width".

Those changes could simplify that:
1.) Provide a keyboard shortcut for "Page Width"
2.) Enlarge the Zoom dropdown box so that all existing entries are shown without the need to use the scrollbar.
Currently the dropdown has 14 entries, it shows just the first 10 of them. Enlarging it so that all 14 entries are shown immediately without a scrollbar should not be difficult
3.) Change the sequence of the Zoom dropdown so that "Page Width", "Whole Page" and "Two Pages" are the topmost entries, followed by "25%" ... "1600%" below
4.) Provide "Page width", "Whole Page" and "Two Pages" as possible settings in Edit > Preferences > Score > Default zoom

Other ideas to improve my workflow are welcome. Thanks.

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