Update 3.3.3 changed text in saved styles

• Nov 28, 2019 - 14:51

I updated to 3.3.3 today, and tried to continue working on a score using a custom style. I found that all text has been changed to "MS Shell Dlg 2." When I try to load my style, nothing changes. The update either cannot load my custom style, or it has changed the style I had saved. You would probably know better which one is more likely. The only thing that has changed with my system from yesterday to today was the 3.3.3 update.


Now I've noticed that the font I was using, Jost, isn't listed in the font dropdown. Which explains why it isn't being used. But why isn't it? It is a TrueType font, and it was available in 3.3.2.

MuseScore changes fonts to "MS Shell Dlg 2." (on Windows), if it can't find the font the score references, i.e. if that font is not installed on that system.

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Having uninstalled 3.3.3, and reinstalling 3.3.2, I am still having the same problem. Did I ever tell Musescore where to look for fonts? I don't remember having done that, but it might explain the problem if the update "forgot" the location, and the clean install of 3.3.2 didn't work either. Is there a place you can point Musescore to a font folder? I should mention I don't have a special setup, I just use the AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Fonts default folder.

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