Grand Staff

• Nov 28, 2019 - 18:58

How do you get a grand staff to appear on the score? I only see options for only treble and bass and such.


If you want an instrument than normally has a grand staff, add that instrument. If you want to change an existing instrument to a grand staff, select staff 1 for that instrument and click Add staff. It will default to a bass clef. You can then extend the barlines to the second staff and insert a bracket.

If you mean you are creating a new score, just select the Grand Staff template - the third one on the list in the wizard when you do File / New. If you have an existing score and you wish to add a piano, use Edit / Instruments and select piano under Keyboard. If you have an existing score that already has notation on a single staff and no you wish yo change it into a grand staff, just add a bass clef add the bracket and extend the barlines as suggested above.

But note, if you're in the habit of starting from the default empty score, that's not such a good idea - it's there to play around with, but normally you should be creating scores using File / New so you can set them up properly to begin with.

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